Keeping Mc, and Here to Stay!


Seriously, welcome! Third times a charm for this blog experience right? Ben + Sylvia here to share a little bit (or a lot) of what goes on in the daily life of the McDonald’s. With my many attempts to previously blog it’s time to start over, fresh, and hit the ground running. Keeping Mc readers we promise we are here to stay!

You see I (Sylvia) started a blog exactly about a year ago. Very excited for the venture, I purchased the domain name, read multiple pinterest/blog post on how to begin a new blog, and so Keeping Mc began. Quickly I fell into the traps of comparison. I never thought my ideas were good, my design technic was minimal, and blah blah blah. I’m over that now and it’s time to share with the world our lives adventures and challenges.

In October Ben and I started our first ever at home business together. We opened our Etsy shop called Keeping Mc. A place where we came together in our little creative ways as husband + wife to create beautiful, unique, handcrafted pieces for your home. This adventure has been such a blessing to our little family. Not only have we been allowed to share our creative side with everyone, we’ve learned a lot. Once we created our Etsy shop we knew that was just the begging for us. So we began praying for what was next.

You see our home is a place of constant, crazy, chaos, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Whether we are having our friends over, building community, celebrating any and all occasions, the blessings are over flowing. Many times when our heads finally hit the pillows we can’t help but smile and think wow what a day!

Benjamin Dalton McDonald or Ben

-Everyone needssome place beautiful.-.png

Ben is a full time firefighter at Montgomery Fire Department and works part time at Cy-Fair Fire Department. He decided during high school while a volunteer fireman he wanted to be a career firefighter. He then continued with attending the fire academy and the rest is history. Ben is a simple man and enjoys the simple things in life. On a typical day off you’ll find him duck hunting with his best friend Belle, or chilling in the backyard drinking an ice cold beer, enjoying a backyard fire, while something is smoking on the pit. Many would say he is the fire house chef and quite the foodie. He knows of every taco truck near and far and is quite picky when it comes to perfecting his tacos. Ben is also quite the handyman. When you continue reading our blog you will see everything he’s done to the house thus far. From home repairs, repurposing furniture, building furniture, painting, building, sanding, landscaping, gardening, you name it, he’s got you covered. Also I bet you didn’t know this but Ben is quite the romantic and never seizes to stop surprising me. He loves me well. Ben is also a complete neat freak, nothing makes him happier than coming home to a clean and tidy home (I’m so messy). Ben will be posting on the blog with some delicious secret fire house recipes, home improvements, DIY projects, and tips and tricks.

Written By: Sylvia

5 random facts about Ben

  1. Ben’s favorite beer is St. Arnold’s Amber Ale.
  2. Ben loves his Texans, Astros, and Rockets. Go Houston.
  3. Ben enjoys all things outdoors, hunting, fishing, running, and kayaking.
  4. Ben could live off of tacos for the rest of his life.
  5. Ben’s favorite movie of all time is Men of Honor.

Sylvia Cristina McDonald or Sylvia

-Everyone needssome place beautiful.- (1).png

Sylvia is the youth ministry director at St. Ignatius Loyola Catholic Church. It is more than a full time job for her however. It is pure amazement watching her all hours of the day guiding her teens to a relationship with Christ and being their constant role model. She inspires others, but always wants to be better herself. Sylvia always looks for what is best for everyone, not just herself, and that speaks volumes. She knows what she loves and there is very little hope telling her otherwise. Many journeys have been traveled by her, and not just across the world, but in her little head alone. She is full of adventure, love, and pure joy — the kind of person whom you not only want to have just as your friend, but as your love. Sylvia enjoys being a wife, a lady who loves to cook, decorate, and most of all, making our house a home. I look forward to the day we have children of our own, because if I know one thing, they are going to have the most loving mother who will make them her complete world.

Written by: Ben

5 Random facts about Sylvia

  1. She loves dancing. All types of music and movements, anytime of the day.
  2. Sylvia loves an ice cold but spicy Michelada by the water.
  3. Sylvia could live off of Avocados. She loves guacamole.
  4. Sylvia loves all things hands on. Crafting, cooking, and traveling.
  5. Sylvia spends way too many hours binge pinteresting and dreaming off her next project.

Many times we feel we are shippings sailing with our demanding yet rewarding careers but it’s those times we are together as a family we treasure. You see it’s about quality over quantity in our household and grace over perfection. So grab a cup of coffee, your favorite ice cold beer, or a glass of wine and join us on our adventure to seek all things that bring joy in life!

-Everyone needssome place beautiful.- (2).png

Until next time….


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