Texas Wedding Bliss

Mike + Jamie’s Texas Kind of Wedding

If there’s one thing you should know about me you should know I’m a sucker. A sucker for all things from the south, DIY, and love. Mike and Jamie’s wedding was nothing short of those three things.

Mike and Jamie have a special place in our hearts. You see Mike and Ben go way back. So far back they have the same birthday. They met early on in life in elementary school but their bromance really started in high school. When they were basically up to no good together. I met Jamie early on in college. When Mike brought her around our group of friends for the first time. That night they had only been dating for a couple of weeks and I remember Mike telling me… “Sylv’s she’s the one.” I’m pretty sure I nodded my head and said good I actually like her. I was territorial over my friends. Just being the momma bear they needed in their lives.

Mike and Jamie began something beautiful. They dated for what felt like forever. I remember long night chats sitting on the porch planning out their future wedding and what it would be like when we all had kids. Then Mike called Ben and told him the time had come to pop the question.

I’ll forget waiting in the church parking lot on Christmas Eve for Jamie to come out and Mike nervous as heck to ask the big question.

They went on to plan their special day. I felt compelled to blog about their wedding for many reasons. Weddings can be so stressful to plan, and easily become someone else’s dream day. Being apart of this wedding was very special. Mike and Jamie gave it long thought and decided to make their special day “them”. Very personal, intimate, and truly who they are as individuals but most importantly as one.

Jamies family invested in a huge family project and business a couple of years ago. They decided to trust in God’s plan and really start something beautiful as a family. They purchased a ranch in Livingston, TX and made dreams become a reality with Tempe Creek Ranch. Naturally this was a very special place to them and they decided this where they would begin their journey as husband and wife.

Mike + Jamie & their families put so much work, creativity, and love into this special night. They completely converted the ranch into a beautiful, southern charm filled, wedding soirée. Here are some of my favorite things about this Texas Style Wedding.

  1. The girls got ready all day in the tack room jamming to some classic 90s tunes. Mind you before this day I didn’t know what tack room was, it’s a room in a stable building in which bridles, saddles, etc are kept.
  2. We got to wear boots, so comfy and the flowers were absolutely gorgeous and simple.
  3. I loved all the creative DIY touches to the wedding. Check it out. The tractor, to hold the beer. The bar, created out of a ladder shelf. The photo booth, created from an old door. The ceremony area, under a beautiful oak tree surrounded by simple beautiful creation.

Here are some more  of my favorite shots from the beautiful day.

Lastly, my forever wedding date. Doesn’t he look like a stud? 16251726_10208043218548832_4525611058910743189_o

Wedding Photographer: DHP Studio

Venue: Tempe Creek Ranch

Until next time….


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