Dear Hurricane Harvey,

You’ve taught me so much in just a week. The minutes, hours, days, nights are all a blur and are currently running together.

You’ve taught me that no matter what age, race, political affiliation, religion, or anything that could’ve possibly made us different from each other didn’t matter in disaster. You taught me the importance of the dignity of each human person really matters. You taught me that above all people are kind, and whole heartedly loving.

You’ve taught me to humble myself and allow people to step in during one of my most vulnerable states and allow them to love on me and serve me and my family. If you know Ben and I you know this is extremely hard for us, him being a full time fireman and me previously working at St. Ignatius as a youth minister which was completely flooded and now working as a receptionist at my childhood parish (as of 3 days ago was my first day). We live so we can give. Again being on the end of receiving and humbling ourselves asking for help has been a whole new learning curve for us.

You’ve taught me that family is precious and even though we may be in need you still help those in more need. You’ve also taught me that I’ve lost one of the most precious people in my life 7 years ago and this doesn’t even begin to add up to that hurt and pain.

Yes you’ve taught me that all things can be replaced but never the less it’s hard and it hurts. Losing all your wedding gifts that are just over a year old is hard. Ben and I spent the first 2 years of marriage pouring in all sorts of blood, sweat, and tears into our home updating it all on our own and making it our home. He literally finished our dream deck the day we left for vacation.

You’ve taught me to stop being a design perfectionist and allow contractors to do what their best at and use their own gifts to bless us with a functional home.

You’ve taught me that no matter the amounts of chaos and termoil you brought, I can still find peace in prayer.

You’ve restored my faith in ALL PEOPLE, our great state of TEXAS, and this beautiful country!

You’ve taught me that the body of Christ is the real deal. Both parishes St. Ignatius and Prince of Peace, what a blessing it is to call these our space to worship but truly build community and friends that matter. That are willing to get nitty gritty dirty with us and then go home and lift us up in prayer.

You taught me that my TRIBE/COMMUNITY is bigger than you’ll ever be. The amount of prayers that have been poured over me and my family and the amount of blood, sweat, and tears that have been shed in our houses doesn’t even begin to explain a miracle.

You’ve taught me how blessed I am to have a mom that is stronger than you’ll ever be. Having brothers raised by a hardworking and loving father is a game changer. And a husband that loves people, and  the community he serves and above all loves me unconditionally is all that really matters at the end of the day.

Above all you’ve taught me that OUR GOD is an AWESOME GOD, who reigns from heaven above.

Hurricane Harvey you’ve struck a nerve but you won’t ever defeat us.

Bye Harvey,

Sylvia McDonald

PS. I can do all things through Christ who stegthens me. Phil 4:13

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