Favorite Things: September

In this midst of all the constant, crazy, chaos, going on in the Mc household. I want to share with you my top 10 favorite things/products that have kept me sane and happy during this time. Not one of these products is sponsored or endorsed. I’ve just truly found myself turning to them during this time and I’m always up for promoting a special businesses I love, Enjoy!

  1. Emily Ley Planner: I bought my planner back on launch day last spring. I absolutely love this beauty. In the midst of coming home from vacation to our flooded home this planner helped me put all my to dos in a nice organized plan. I love following Emily’s daily post and blog giving you concrete tools on how to simplify your life allowing you to soak in the joy filled moments. Her book Grace Not Perfection is a great read.
  2. Mentha Smoothing Body Buffer by Bath and Bodyworks  so there is nothing like tearing sheet-rock, flooring, and all your belongings out of your house. Using this during nightly bath time rituals is a must. The tingling minty sensation you get is so relaxing. The exfoliation and opening of your pores is phenomenal.
  3. Essential Oils: Y’all these are essential to life. If anyone knows me I’m one for smell good and feel goods. After walking through my disasters house for the first time the first thing I went and grabbed was the oils to help with smell, bacteria, mold, and most of all personal anxiety. I spread them out throughout the entire house. The first house to not smell on the block. HELLO us. Not to mention my sister friend Sarah and Katie then hooked me up with oils to keep me safe while breathing in all the crazy repairs going on downstairs. Praise you essential oils and the miracles you have performed on my house.
  4. Whitch Hazel: so I personally knew nothing about this product until my big fall in new Orleans going up the stairs. One of our uber drivers told me to try it out. This is the best natural face wash/toner I’ve ever used. A big bottle is $4.49 at Walgreens. Here are some more tips and tricks on how to use the magical potion witch hazel uses.
  5. Dove spray deodorant:  this works miracles! After all the hard grungy work we’ve had to do to our house I can officially say this stuff last and you will smell (at least your armpits) like a fresh little lady.
  6. Stella & Dot gold hoop knot earrings:  I just order these and I’m obsessed, they are affordable, classic, and simple. Just enough to add the perfect amount of flair to any outfit and at the same time keep it simple. Currently obsessing over Stella & Dot!
  7.  Epsom Bath Salts: I use these nightly to relax after a long day of hard labours work or just being in the office. My personal favorite scents are Eucalyptus Spearmint or Lavender. I promise your entire house will smell like heaven once using these and your body will feel new and refreshed.
  8. Grace Painted: I feel like enough said with the name but you must check out Valerie Delgados artwork. She has promised that 100% of proceeds go to Keeping Mc as we continue to recover, but past that, this girl is TALENTED. Her artwork and heart are impeccable. Perfect personalized christian gifts for any occasion.
  9. Rtic water bottle: wow am I obsessed with my rtic water bottle. I put ice in it and it last over 48 hours. Not to mention this company honors first responders and in the end creates an affordable & quality product. I will forever buy my cups, coolers, etc from them.
  10. Target Soft Tee: I feel like anyone can get away with wearing this to work and dressing it up with stylish jewelry. I love the comfort and cost of this shirt. Check it out.

Here you have it, my favorite things for the month of September. As you can see in our last post we were super flood due to Harvey. We still appreciate all prayers and love. We can’t wait to share the finished product of our home with you. Again none of these products were sponsored, they just made me feel a little bit of peace through the crazy, enjoy!


Until Next Time,

Keeping Mc

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