DIY Chalk Paint Wing Chair

My mom had this beautiful accent bat wing chair, only one problem, the terrible floral fabric it was upholstered in. I looked into re-covering it myself and it just seemed like a project that would be out of my hands. I got a quote on having someone else re-upholster it and it was going to cost $400 not even what the chair is worth in my opinion. One day I was strolling through downtown Tomball with my friend Sarah and we found a home decor store that actually had a tone of fabric furniture they chalk painted over. Including lots of previous dark floral fabrics just like my chair. They gave us a quick tutorial and I was sold and ready to go home and paint that perfect chair for my little reading nook in my master bedroom. Here you will find the easy steps to paint your fabric furniture with chalk paint. A complete easy transformation.

Materials Needed:


  1. First be sure to thoroughly clean your couch or fabric chair. Try to clean off all the dust and any extra little crumbs that may have stayed behind. Remove any seat cushions and set them aside you will be painting these separately.
  2. Next prepare to spray lots of water. Spray the section you are about to paint thoroughly with water.
  3. Then just begin painting the couch. You will use a lot of paint and water. Be sure to spray each section with water before applying paint that way it applies evenly as your fabric may be different textures. Try to go with the grain of the texture of your fabric. Also don’t forget to get inside those creases.
  4. Depending on the color of your fabric and the color you are trying to paint your furniture will depend on the amount of coats you will have to use. I had to use 3 because my fabric was very dark and I was trying to achieve a light grey. In between each coat of paint you will use your sand paper and sand the furniture smooth. Sometimes the paint creates little balls of clumped up paint or fabric and its super smooth once you sand it. I know that description sounds weird but once you start painting and see it you will understand.
  5. Lastly once all the coats are dry and you’ve achieved the color and look you want you can then chose to add clear wax to protect it. The little shop I originally learned this technique from put a coat of clear wax to top it off and protect the furniture. It really gave it almost a “leather” look. I decided to opt out of that mainly because I knew it wouldn’t be a couch that had much traffic and I loved the color.

Now go save that terrible chair you know could have so much potential, happy painting!

Until Our Next DIY,

Sylvia Keeping Mc




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