Mc Eurotrip Part 2

Part 2 of our dream vacation. Woke up early Saturday morning spent a little time floating through the streets of Barcelona. Then we were so excited to board our ship and begin coasting through the Mediterranean. 7 days Princess Cruise, through the Mediterranean, with my family, I don’t think it gets better. I’m going to breakdown our cruise into the next couple of post. Our first three stops, Cartagena, Girbraltar, and Merseille.

First Stop: Cartagena, Spain

This town was little, quiet, and everything cute in between. As soon as we got off the ship we hopped on to a Hop on Hop Off bus that took us on a tour of the little town.

Places to Visit: Roman Outdoor Theater, Botanical Gardens, and the beautiful ocean views.

Food & Drink: Tapas, a variety of cheese, meats, honey, and don’t forget to order a tortilla (this is not our typical tortilla, it’s almost a potato quiche of some sorts and absolutely delicious. Enjoy an ice cold beer or a glass of delicious sangria on the main market street.

Second Stop: Gibraltar, Great Britain

Monkeys, caves, fish & chips oh my. When you look on a map you will actually find Gibraltar on a little tip in Spain but it’s actually Great Britain’s territory. Gibraltar has lots of different culture influences and a very unique place to visit and walk around and enjoy.

Places to Visit: Wild monkeys, St. Michael’s Cave, fun little market street.

Food: Fish & Chips, and Ben enjoyed a huge lamb meat kabob he found on the street.

Third Stop: Merseille, France

Wow was this city absolutely breathtaking. As soon as we got off the ship we opted for another Hop on Hop off bus. It was a little pricier than what I would’ve liked to pay. The landscapes, and beautiful scenery it took us through the city totally made up for it. The only thing I wish I would’ve known going to this city was BRING YOUR SWIM SUIT. My I can’t even begin to express how absolutely amazing the beaches and ocean was. Absolutely amazing. If only I had enough time to go back on the ship to get my swim suit on. At least Ben and I found a spot to put our feet in so we could pretend.

Places to Visit: Notre Dame de La Garde (absolutely gorgeous, the view was unreal), enjoy the ocean however you wish to do this, market streets, and you must buy some handmade soap. My favorite scents for the soap was Lavender and Tea Tree. This place was truly enchanting.

Food: Seafood, Crepes, Beer!

Hope you enjoyed part 3 to the Mc’s European adventure. Stay tuned for our Italian beach visit, wine tasting, pizza adventures, oh and well the city of Love. Until next time.


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