HELLO 2018

the McDonalds have been waiting for you!

McDonald-4 (1)Happy New Year friends. We were so blessed by so many moments in 2017 so many dreams came true and so many heartaches we overcame. As we pray and look forward to the future we couldn’t be more excited to have you be apart of our little families journey.

New year, new us? Right, who am I kidding. I think we will always be the same but with new beginnings and times of change why not really take advantage of really modifying some things our lives to live a more happy, healthy, simple life. So with a new year, resolutions naturally come to mind. Here are my personal top 10 NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS for 2018. I hope you all will help keep me accountable and I can’t wait to share all the struggles and triumphs here with you all.

No exact order but here are my top 10 New Year Resolutions for 2018

  1. Spiritual Renewal– It’s time I first start taking more care of my soul. I miss diving deeply into scripture, I’ve gotten slightly lazy at my dedicated prayer time, and I need to be more disciplined. I have a responsibility to continue growing my faith, knowledge of the Gospel, and serving God. First up, I plan on starting a bible study right here at home with Ben. I ordered Embracing God’s Plan for Marriage to start us off with the year.
  2. Our Marriage– I’m not going to say our marriage struggled last year because it didn’t but I wouldn’t say it thrived either. I was in a big funk being overworked and trying to make our family business happen meanwhile we also had the harsh reality of a natural disaster. This year I want to spend intentional time growing spiritually, physically, and deeper in love with my best friend and soulmate. Open to whatever God may have instore for us.
  3. Happy & Healthy– as off tomorrow January 5, 2018 Ben and I will begin a Whole 30 What does this mean? More info on this jump start lifestyle change. I call it jump start lifestyle change because in the back of my mind I would love to do a whole 30 365 days of the year. I hope this really drop kicks my cravings for sugar, carbs, and all things terrible my body craves. In reality I absolutely hate the word DIET. I’ve been on at least 100 different weight loss diets throughout my entire life usually whatever the current trend maybe. I know at the end of the day that… 1. Abs are made in the kitchen. 2. Exercise truly alters my mood and energy. 3. Drinking dehydrates my body and well isn’t my best life choice. 4. Extreme weight loss is never forever, slow and steady is what best works for this girl. Whole 30 on paper in pretty simple. Fruits, Veggies, & Protein cut the crap (processed foods) and cuts the cravings. I plan on sharing this 30 day process with you all every step of the way.
  4. I Need Energy– I’m not looking to sign up for my first marathon or starting a 5am boot camp like I once did. Let’s be honest I sit at a desk all day and it’s time to add some physical activity to my life. Some days it may be a group dance jazzercise class, abs video, run (who am I kidding brist jog with my husband & pup), or maybe honestly a fun little Zumba video. I vouch to dedicate 30 minutes 4 times a week to physical activity.
  5. Sleep– I really started doing really good at this towards the end of the year. I found I was so much more productive when I got at least 8 hours of good sleep. This means going to bed at a decent time with a clear mind.
  6. My Name is No– I really need to learn the word No. 2017 was overbooked, sloppy, and dysfunctional. I need to realize that saying no to events, things, and hardest of all people is ok. At the end of the day I’m no good to my people when I’m washed over, exhausted, rushed, and overbooked.
  7. My People– 2017 because I was overbooked and saw my 2 careers as priorities I lost touch with a lot of important people in my life. It’s time to rekindle those friendships and relationships and truly cherish and nurture them. I’ve missed ya!
  8. Simplicity- As you can read in my previous post 2017 came with the major struggle with finding balance. In 2018 I can’t wait to find some balance in this constant, crazy, chaos. I’m going to bring back on of my favorite past times which is reading. Starting with diving into one my favorite life doers,  Emily Ley with her new book Simplified Life. Stay tuned for my review and tips on how I follow the practical steps in her book.
  9. Writing- Every year I tell myself this is the year for my blog. Every single year writing gets put on the back burner. I’m done with spending time on reading how I will have the next big blog, how to gain followers, how to take pin/instagram worthy photographs, and how to write amazing content. You get what you get and I’m not not gonna quite. I write on here for 2 entire reasons. 1. I love writing. 2. I love sharing my life with you. The end.
  10. Joy- I simply think this should be number one but at the same time I think 1-9 will bring this to my life. SEEK JOY, LIVE JOY, BE JOY. That simple, JOY. I know that seeking God’s plan for my life and our little families life will continue to bring us joy and that is what I will keep seeking throughout this year.

There you have it my top 10 new year’s resolutions for 2018. What are some of your new year’s resolutions for this year? Please share with me, I can’t wait to hear all about it! Please know that you are in my prayers as we enter into a time of new and fresh beginnings. Lastly, how can my family pray for you?

Until Next Time,

Sylvia McDonald



Photos By: April Light Photography

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