Curry Chicken Salad

Whole30 | Paleo

Chicken salad has been the way to my lunch filled belly for a while now. I love me a good chicken salad. I use to devour chicken salad full of mayo and on a crescent. Not saying I would never do that again just with my current whole30 plan that no longer fits the health food plan. I also love curry. The concept of mixing curry with chicken salad was first introduced to me by my friend Olivia when she made it for me with a whole foods plant based twist and used chickpeas instead of shredded chicken. Because chickpeas aren’t on the Whole30 plan, after much taste testing I came up with my own version of this Curry Chicken Salad. In order for it to be Paleo or Whole30 approved you must either make your own compliant Whole30/Paleo mayo & mustard or you can purchase it through Thrive Market like I did, (ground mustard  yellow mustard mayo ). I must also warn you, because I care about you and realize not everyone loves mustard as much as I do. If you’re not a huge mustard fan you may want to substitute some of the mustard amount for mayo. Enjoy this delicious Whole30/Paleo approved McDonald favorite!

Blue and Orange Simple Mexican Food Recipe Card



Sylvia McDonald



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