Ben & Sylvia McDonald

Keeping Mc was created by husband and wife bloggers, Ben and Sylvia McDonald in October 2016 in order to share their creative passions and home life. Inspiration and focus for the blog include their collaborative interests: all things DIY, cooking/baking, the outdoors, fashion, travel, party planning, health, spiritual journey, marriage, our side hustle, and all our little family adventures and blessings!

Ben and Sylvia currently call Houston, TX home with their wild but lovable lab, Maybelle or better known as Belle (she was adopted at the Blue Belle Factory). Ben and Sylvia love life and seek to never let a minute pass without an adventure, or a challenge, and they can’t wait to share all about it with you.

Keeping Mc the name:
Keeping Mc comes from a special place in Ben and Sylvia’s heart. You see, Sylvia’s maiden name was McMillan and as I child she always believed she would keep her maiden name once getting married because she liked the typography of her last name. Something felt special with the Mc. She promised she would never change her name. Then she met her perfect match, that let her keep the Mc she loved so much but allowed for the McDonald name to be carried on as they became a family. Keeping Mc will always be special to them. We can’t wait to share more funny, quirky stories about us with everyone!

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For inquires and collaborations you can email us at keepingmc[at]gmail[dot]com.about-us-blog